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UX UI Experience Inspiration
I am Will Pereira \ Design + Interaction are my life.
In its simplest of forms, life has design. With each breathe, we interact with it.
Photo: Eucalyptus Forest / Chao Da Parada, Portugal
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Over 15 years professional design experience has led me where I am today. Currently employed as the lead UX / UI Designer for Surround Technologies, an international software development company, I have found that my long history as a Creative Director for a large retail and e-commerce company served as a solid foundation to use design for more than a single organization, but for many.

As a Creative Director for 9 years, I oversaw every major project which grew the company from $2 Million annually to over $250 Million annually. Increasing sales online from 5% to roughly 30% company annual income. This position included not only advertisement across multiple channels and medium (print, online, broadcast television and radio), but also technology and development teams to spearhead projects such as the custom point-of-sale software applications running along side multiple SAP platforms and integrated e-commerce shop and shipping systems. Feel free to reach out to me and discussed my previous work.

Building on my design and technical experience, I chose to leave the familiar and apply my skills to the software industry with a much larger reach. I have since successfully designed and implemented front and backend systems for Windows, Web and Mobile applications for major companies and government agencies across the world. From Fotune 500 companies to local government offices, I have honed over a decade of experience into a productive skillset that has proven effectiveness and success delivery after delivery across a wide gammut of industries. I would be glad to discuss my current projects and work within the software industry, contact me.

For an idea of the what i've been up to the last few years, take a look at what myself and the team at Surround Tech have been up to. If you'd like to see what i've been up to on my downtime, browse some of my latest projects below.

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william j. pereira
email: will@williamjpereira.com   tel: 908.787.6705  /   linkedin.com/in/wpereira
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Resume Objective

Resume Skills

To utilize the creative and technical skills I have developed in my previous work experience in a new environment and allow them to flourish into an even more efficient skillset, while strengthening my fundamental work ethic.

Senior UX/UI Designer & Media Relations
4.11 - present Surround Technologies Bloomfield, NJ

Bullet Arro Specialized in custom development for Windows, Web and Mobile software applications for Fortune 500 companies of varying industries including hospitality, retail, manufacturing, textile and more.

Bullet Arro Projects and designs handled from concept through completion, working directly with developers to create enterprise level software interfaces in technologies such as WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET (MVC3 and 4) and HTML5. Key focus on IBM i Platform (5250, 4250 and Z) as well as Microsoft .NET.

Bullet Arro Groundwork study of active releases and future releases to increase usability and efficiency by way of increasing in-application reaction techniques and memory triggers. Visualization/Skin designs to build upon out-of-box customization feel for current and prospective client base.

Bullet Arro Spearheaded multi-channel marketing efforts to promote brand awareness for core product and professional consulting services throughout software industry. Including email broadcasts, webinars, press release writing and distribution, case studies and white papers.

Creative Director
6.03 - 4.11 Sixth Avenue Electronics   Springfield, NJ

Bullet Arro Responsible for the development, launch and maintenance of retail front-end and backend POS system as well as e-commerce system for $700 million a year company revenue.

Bullet Arro Managed internal creative team comprised of graphic designers, front end developers, back end developers, copywriters and content managers.

Bullet Arro Directed various third party companies and simultaneous ongoing projects for company growth. (Both brick and mortar and e-commerce)

Bullet Arro Developed promotional program collateral for in-house and outside events; including promotional calendars and marketing material from concept to creation.

Bullet Arro Technical director on company initiatives affecting public interactions in-store and online. Provided development and usability resources for projects undertaken.

Bullet Arro Effectively branded company name in over 40 cross-channel markets.

Bullet Arro Spearheaded the public relations initiatives for the company, including media events at the request of various Fortune 500 vendor partners for product launches and series distribution announcements.

The following provides a quick reference of the level of proficiency within each application or operating system in which I have designed/deployed and tested in.

Adobe Photoshop: Very Good

Adobe Illustrator:
Very Good

Adobe InDesign:
Very Good

Adobe Acrobat Professional:
Very Good

Adobe Premiere:

Adobe GoLive!:

Microsoft Word:
Very Good

Microsoft Excel:
Very Good

Microsoft Outlook:
Very Good

Microsoft PowerPoint:
Very Good

Microsoft Access:

Microsoft Expressions:

Very Good

Microsoft Publisher: Very Good

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX:
Very Good

Final Cut Pro:
Very Good

DVD Studio Pro 8:

Windows ( XP - 10 ):
Very Good

OS X ( 10.1 – 10.10 ):
Very Good

iOS ( 4– 9 ):
Very Good

Android ( 2.2–4.4 ):
[Froyo/Gingerbread/Honeycomb/ICS/Jelly bean]
Very Good




Resume Education

2001 - 2005 Kean University Union, NJ
Bullet Arro B.A., Communication | Concentration: Public Communication

Bullet Arro Minor of French Language

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Recent Projects

Either through recommendations from people with whom i've worked before, or from my experience on Uplance, I try and flex my creative muscles and keep up with changing technology by helping new and established businesses alike with branding and identity in various ways - Websites, Logos, Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Collateral. Essentially using the basis of my years of experience to help local business get the attention they deserve. I also assist local non-profit organizations in and around New Jersey that need various print or web projects laid out pro-bono. Designing outside of my job helps me feel a balance in terms of my creative self. Here are a few examples of what I have created. If you'd like to discuss some projects, email me.

American Shave Classic Barber has a distinct style that needed to show. With an established client base that has come to expect nothing short of true aesthetic excellence, #AMShave needed something to compliment the in-shop brand.


  via: TheAmericanShave.com

Keeping his appearances and recent shows available to fans is what matters most. The site was meant to push fans to local media outlets easily controlled on the go.


  via: DJEddieAlvarez.com

EGA Security, a national residential and commercial security and surveillance company, required a website, and visual personality of their own. It needed to be strong in both its branding and identity to stand amongst existing national industry leaders.


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David "Vibes" Tobon, a seasoned DJ / Producer / Engineer of over 20 years, has pioneered house music and continues to influence current generations of listeners and event goers. To accomodate the latest trends, David Tobon needed a new logo, and fresh website to match.


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Your identity is everything. Especially when it's in a crowd full of fans.

via: @DJEddieAlvarez



Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.

If you'd like to reach out to me regarding a position with your company, or a project you are working on, please do not hesitate to contact me below. Also, feel free to E-mail me or visit my LinkedIn profile for additional work history and contact options.

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